As a part of our next chapter as a church, it seemed like a good idea to freshen up New Hope’s look, and so at the Brown Bag Lunch we presented a packet of artwork that included logo options, connection cards, letterhead, a booklet that explained more of who we are, as well as photos of how this new look could be used at New Hope’s location on signage and what not.

We thought it would be fun to involve more of the congregation in the selection process for the new logo for the church, and so three options were presented. We want to give people the chance to vote on these logos, so from now until 12 AM (EDT) Monday morning, August 3 we will allow you to cast a vote for your favorite logo below. Just leave your vote in the comment section below.

A Note About the Logos

You’ll notice that these logos are not much more than text with only slight embeleshments, and this is done intentionally. In the business world logos are the image that are meant to communicate something about a company or organization to the world. When you see the Nike swoosh or the McDonald’s arches we all immediately think of certain elements of these companies “brand.”

The church, however, is a different sort of organization. In the biblical text God’s PEOPLE are that image that are meant to to communicate something God, and his love for the world. God’s wants the world to see us and to think of his love, and so rather than creating a symbol to express who we are it seems more appropriate to update the look of our name, and then rely on our witness as Christians to be the logo for God’s kingdom in the world.

So with that said, here are your options, please vote between now and Sunday.


A New Look for a New Chapter

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