2014 Cookout Review

And when they were done they gathered up 12 baskets of food, er crock-pots of macaroni and cheese besides…

It’s always good when you can enjoy a beautiful afternoon, and that was certainly the case Sunday for the Community Cookout and School Supply event.

From the arrival of the first families at Noon, to the final folks who left at 2:00 (and everyone who stayed around to help clean up), it seemed most everyone got to meet some new people, ate lots of food, and had a good time!

We had more than enough delicious food through everyone’s generations contributions, and just enough backpacks for the kids who came! It’s no small thing to be thankful for the fact that God brought together the backpacks and the kids to supply what was needed, and then some.

Thank you to everyone who helped pass out flyers, made food, worked at stations, made sure everything was in order, cleaned up, and most importantly helped to make our guests feel welcome! More than a few connections were made, and hopefully God will work to bring the miracle to the seeds we’ve planted, and his kingdom might be made know through us as a result.

If you have any suggestions about how things went, and how we might do it better, please let Sheila, Tom, or Joe know. It was a great afternoon, but we can always make it better!


Community Cookout and Backpack Giveaway: Recap
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