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This past Sunday we held our most recent Brown Bag Lunch to talk about the foundation of our efforts to reach into the community for the sake of the Kingdom of God. As we have begun to focus our attention outside the walls of our own building, it seems important to remember that while it is good to have the desire to help others, if we are not grounded in the gospel of Jesus as we do so we can often end up doing service AT people, or TO people. Instead, we want to be loving our neighbors and serving others out of a place of humility, of love, and of a desire to build relationships that allow others to see the goodness of Jesus for themselves.

So we started by revisiting the diagram of the gospel that was introduced last fall. The image below is a version of what we used, and we spent time briefly unpacking each point.

The Five Points of the Gospel


1. God loves everything he has made including you.

2. Jesus the Messiah died and rose again as the solution to all that’s gone wrong in God’s good world.

3. Through Jesus, God is reconciling all things in heaven and on earth to himself.

4. This work is possible because the Kingdom of God has come near and Jesus is Lord.

5. Believing in this good news message means we can live a Holy Spirit filled life today, and forever as God’s children.

As mentioned in the audio file, each of these points stands as a marker, and there is much more that needs to be understood about them. They are less a tool to be shared with others, and more a way for us as Christians to remember the deep, rich, powerful, life-giving message of the Kingdom of God come in Jesus.

The Opportunities

Out of this place of love and a desire to be ministers to the reconciliation made possible in Christ, we can now look at our opportunities to serve with clear eyes. Gail told us about the chance to serve in Cedarbrook and begin tutoring interested students there. We have also begun talking to Childhood Evangelism Fellowship about the possibility of running one of their Good News Clubs in the Vandalia schools, and will need at least 6 people willing to serve in this capacity.

The Brown Bag was exciting and offered a chance for us remember why we do what we do, and to begin the steps forward to love our neighbors in Vandalia and Butler Township with the love of Jesus. You can listen to the audio file below for the full story.


Brown Bag Audio – February 21, 2016


February 21: Brown Bag Recap
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