A new year is just around the corner, and for many people this marks a great time to set new goals for the coming year. One goal that many Christians set is to read through the Bible in a year. Often times, however, after a few weeks it’s easy to get behind, discouraged, or just confused and to give up on the project.

If reading through the Bible is a goal you would like to achieve for 2016, I invite you to join me as I participate in the Read Scripture initiative being launched Jan. 1 by the people at the Bible Project. The Bible Project folks have been working for the past two years to put together quality videos that help people understand the story of Scripture, as well as key theological themes like Heaven and Earth, Holiness, and The Messiah.

Throughout 2016, however, they are also working on a new project, the Read Scripture project. This project is meant to take readers through the story of the Bible in a year, and they have rearranged some things in order to break the main segments of the biblical story up in chapters. Before each “chapter” they will be releasing a video designed to give readers an overview of the section they are about to read. These videos are fantastic, some of the best resources for understanding the broad themes of the books of the Bible that I have ever seen.

If you’re interested in participating you can visit this website http://thebibleproject.tumblr.com and follow along as they post readings and videos each week.

If you’ve never read through the Bible, or if you read it every year, this is a great opportunity to do it with others, and I encourage you set aside about 20 minutes each day to deepen your understanding of what the Bible says God is doing in the world.

While you’re checking out the videos at jointhebibleproject.com, I encourage you to consider supporting them with a donation. They are 100% crowd funded so that they can allow churches to use their videos and resources for free.


Join the Bible Project and Read the Bible in 2016
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