The Next Brown Bag Lunch: July 13

large__7271118362How do we do what we do, as the church in our neighborhood in the context of relationships? That was the question we ended our last brown bag lunch with when we met June 1. On July 13, we are going to gather again to talk about how we answer this question as a part of our latest Brown Bag Lunch at New Hope.

As we continue to shape these conversations, we are going to experiment with different ways to gather and talk about what God has called us to do and who God has called us to be in the Vandalia area. For the July meeting, we will be provided snacks (veggies and chips) and meeting closer to 11:30 for folks who want to wait to eat once we’re done. We have some other ideas about how we might share meals together during our Brown Bag Lunches, and we’ll talk about that when we meet.

Please plan to be a part of these important conversations, as they are ways for us as a church to move forward and become the people that God has called us be!

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July Brown Bag Lunch
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