The hope of Jesus which brings reconciliation in the world leads people to share life together in powerful, and loving ways. This is where God was going all along, creating a people who would live lives of love with one another, and invite others in to experience the love of God in their midst. Through these loving communities, God’s good future breaks into the presence and lives are changed.

Living Life Together

The church doesn’t exist for itself, but instead, as we seek to follow Jesus together, the church emerges in the ways we gather to serve the Lord. In ways formal and informal, we gather to share in life together, primarily in our community groups, and to help carry one another’s burdens in life. Community groups are the places where we can support one another in the face of tragedy, and celebrate when God’s blessings overflow in unexpected ways. They are the collections of relationships where we are safe to build rich, devoted friendships that speak to our souls.

Young or old, rich or poor, no matter your heritage, your background, or your baggage, we seek to a church who will welcome you in and show you the love of Jesus. We reject the notion that acceptance is agreement, and our community groups will be laboratories where the love and grace of God’s kingdom are worked out in the world. We don’t shy away from differences, or disagreements, but in the spirit of reconciliation and love seek to walk toward Jesus together and share his goodness with the world.

Living in the Neighborhood

But the Christian life isn’t just about sharing life together, it’s about working together to share the love of Jesus with others. New Hope Community Groups are committed to their neighborhood, and they demonstrate that commitment by serving regularly in the places where they meet. As we work together to love our neighbors well, we shine a brighter light for God than any one of us can shine alone. Not only are the groups committed to serving others, but to gathering together to simply have a good time and share in the joy of being with others having fun.

Studying, praying, serving, and celebrating, these are the core practices of the New Hope Community Groups, and they are all important parts of being the church living for God’s Kingdom in this world. New Hope Community Groups gather in various locations throughout the week, in homes and public spaces. If you are interested in more information on one of our group, then fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you.