[h4 class=”” span=””]How can we be missionaries in the neighborhood?[/h4]

We have begun to wrestle with this question as a church, and even more specifically, Gwynne and I have been wrestling with it as a family. When we think about the life of a missionary family, we can imagine what it would be like to fly across an ocean, or to cross international borders where people speak a different language. The word missionary conjures up images of exotic locations, and sub-standard living conditions, but it also carries with it the ideas of total commitment to a region, to an area, to a people. To pick up and move to a foreign land for the gospel touches every bit of a person’s life.

So what would it look like for us to live with that sort of devotion in the neighborhood where we live? What if God is calling us to the same sort of sacrifice and devotion without the travel? We are beginning a series this Sunday that seeks to answer these questions.

This is also the month that we will begin our new community groups as a church, and this is no coincidence. Often times, when we try to answer questions of mission and impact in the neighborhood we think in terms of the individual. “How can I be a missionary to my neighbors?” “What does God want me to do to let others know he loves them?” New Hope Community Groups provide us with the chance to answer these questions, and to live out the answers together. This series will look at a very specific set of practices that as people and groups adopt them, will disrupt our lives and propel us out into our neighborhoods for the kingdom.

This series will be based largely on Michael Frost’s small ebook, Five Habits of Highly Missional People, and we will be adopting the five BELLS practices as a part of our rhythm as a church. This series will challenge us to evaluate often unexplored corners of our life for the sake of God’s mission in the world as we seek to BLESS our neighbors, EAT with others, LEARN from Jesus, LISTEN to the Holy Spirit, and live lives of increasing SENTNESS in the places where God has us.

If you are a follower of Jesus, you have already been sent to make Jesus known to the people in your life, and to make disciples of those who will hear God’s call. The goal of this series will help us all identify who we’ve been sent to, and how to reorder our lives so that we can more effectively fulfill God’s call for us together. Are you ready?

New Series: Missionaries in the Neighborhood
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