Don’t forget! This Sunday after service we’re holding our first Brown Bag Lunch as a part of discerning the future direction of the ministries at New Hope. After service people will be given a chance to either prepare what lunch they’ve packed, or run and get a lunch to bring back, and while we eat together, we’ll begin to imagine what it will look like for New Hope to faithfully serve God and the area in which we live.

We will be focusing our time on answering two very important questions:

  1. If New Hope were to close our doors tomorrow, what do you think the neighbors would say they missed?
  2. What do you want the answer to that question to be.

Hopefully everyone will take part in the opportunity to discern where God is calling us, and how we can faithfully answer his call. This is an exciting time as we are wrestling with how we are to live together as people of faith in Jesus Christ, offering the hope of his kingdom to the world around us, and living in love for God and for others in all we do.

Reminder: Brown Bag Lunch
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