August–December 2013

Waiting for the Answer: Advent 2013

podcast-Advent2013Advent is the beginning of the church year, and it is the time we anticipate the coming of Jesus. This year we looked to Jesus’ birth as the answer to our biggest life questions: Is there any hope? Will there ever be peace? Am I loved? Why Rejoice? And we saw the answer as Jesus was Born and came bring hope and peace, love and joy for all the world.

Dec. 1Dec. 8Dec. 15Dec. 22Christmas: 12/29

To Samaria and Beyond

Podcast-SamariaAndBeyondWhat happened once the church exploded out of Jerusalem? They spread throughout the region, and all the way to the ends of the earth. We spent these five weeks asking what it would like for New Hope to serve in the world.

Oct. 27Nov. 3Nov. 10Nov. 17Nov. 24

A City on Fire


What was going on in the very first days of the church? This six week study looks at the accounts of the church after Pentecost as the gospel caught fire in city of Jerusalem.

Sep. 15Sep. 22Sep. 29Oct. 6Oct. 13Oct. 20
Acts 1–2 (No Audio Available)
Acts 5:12-42 (No Audio Available)
Week Six(No Audio Available)

Jesus is the Subject


A six-week study of how Jesus is the subject of everything.

Aug. 4Aug. 11Aug. 18Aug. 25Sep. 1Sep. 8
and our lives (no audio available)