The Story – Part 3: The Kingdom of God is Near

Podcast-TheStoryUnit3In part three of The Story we transition into the New Testament and with the coming of Jesus everything changes. What happens when God enters the scene and takes on evil and chaos and makes a way for his creation to flourish again? How will his people be changed by the coming of the Lord? We’ll see the answers to this and more in the final part of The Story.

The Story – Part 2: The Kingdom’s Rise and Fall

Podcast-TheStoryUnit2Part 2 of our look at The Story, focuses on the rise and fall of the kingdom of Israel in scripture. Why was Israel unable to fulfill her calling in the world as God’s people, and how does what does this mean for the church as we seek to live faithfully today?


The Story – Part 1: A Kingdom is Formed

This is part 1 of our look at The Story, understanding God’s big story in the Bible and how our story fits inside of what God is doing in the world. Part 1 focuses on God’s creation of the world and his calling of the descendants of Abraham who will become the Kingdom of Israel.

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He is Risen! Easter 2014

After a more introspective series for Lent, we celebrated together that Jesus is Lord and therefore all of history is changed forever! Hallelujah! He is Risen

Lent: Reflection, Repentance, and Reconciliation.


For the season of Lent, we decided to turn off the recorder, and turn to one another in a time of reflection, repentance, and reconciliation. Different people shared part of their stories, and we looked to Jesus to show us how to lay down our lives for others on the way to the cross.

Something Worth Noticing

Christmas is over, but since we just made this fuss over the birth of this baby, it seemed like a good idea to see what happens next. We followed Jesus’ ministry, looking at how he is the light in the darkness. As we did we realized that we could (1) act like the star of Bethlehem, (2) pointing others to Jesus who is the Lamb of God. We watched as(3) the light of the Kingdom of God broke into this world, and saw that this was (4) a different sort of light, that creates a different sort of community, by the light of the Spirit of God.