Setting the Stage for Christmas

Podcast-15L-settingStageIn a world of chaos and clutter, shopping and shouting, how do we make space for Jesus to come at Christmas? Much like preparing for the appearing of the main character of a play, we need to consider the backstory and the characters involved so that we can begin to set the stage for Christmas.


Kingdom Come

podcast-KingdomComeThe Kingdom of God was at the heart of Jesus’ ministry. The thing that God’s people had been waiting for, that hope of God taking charge of all things, had drawn near in him, and it was cause for Good News! But the Kingdom of God didn’t come the way everyone expected, and it still doesn’t come the way we expect either. For three weeks we’ll be looking at important parables that Jesus used to help his disciples understand the manner of Kingdom he was ushering in, to help shape our own imaginations about how it continues to come today.


Life on Mission

podcast-LifeOnMissionThe goal of the series is to help us expand our imaginations as to what our life could look like if we saw ourselves as missionaries in our neighborhood. In order to better understand how being a missionary would shape our everyday lives, we are going to hear from a number of people, some of whom have lived as cross-cultural missionaries in other countries, and some who are living similar lives here locally.

Missionaries in the Neighborhood

What does it look like to be a missionary in our own neighborhoods? This question is shaping our next chapter as a church, and especially as we launch our new Community Groups. This series will focus on living out a set of practices to help us become more other-centered in our lifestyle. It will also set the mood for our Community Groups, and help us all imagine what it means to be a part of God’s mission together.

The What, Why, and How of New Hope

After our last Brown Bag Lunch on July 26 it became evident that we needed to spend more time focusing on what God has called his church to do in the world, why New Hope exists as a part of this mission, and how we are going to live out this purpose as we move forward into our new chapter as a church. As a part of the series we will also look at key barriers that keep people from Jesus, and how we as a church will work to break down these barriers and make Jesus known in the world.

People of Faith

This is the first part of a three month series exploring the central pillars of our identity as Christians at New Hope Community Church. As Christians, we share an identity as a People of Faith, but faith in what? Or better yet, in who? In July we will be looking into the mystery of God and seeking to better understand who we say this god is, and then asking what practices in our lives need to be better lived out because of this belief.

The God Who Is.The God Who Is 3-in-1The God Who is LoveThe God Who is At Work
Week 2: The God Who is Three-In-One
Week 4: The God Who is At Work

Let’s Talk About Jesus


Evangelism. For many Christians the word makes us uncomfortable and often times raises feelings of guilt over not doing more of something we’re pretty sure we should be doing a lot of. But what if our nervousness has to do with the ideas we have about telling others about Jesus more than it does our own willingness or desire to share the good news with others?

The Temple and the Church


The Apostle Paul tells us that we, the church, are the temple of God. But what does that mean? How should that shape the way we understands ourselves as God’s people. This series will look back at God’s dwelling places with his people from the beginning of the Bible to try to better understand this powerful idea, that in us, the church, God’s Spirit dwells in the world.

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Week 4: Community Groups (guest speaker – Sam Garnes)

Due to technical issues, there is no audio for this week.

What’s the Good News?


We are told lots of stories that claim to include Good News, and these stories have the power to shape the way that we live. In this series we will look at the Good News of Easter and then consider how it challenges some of the stories of Good News we’re told in our day to day life.

The Son of Man


As we prepare for Good Friday and Easter, we turn our attention to Jesus as the Son of Man. How did this title shape Jesus’ ministry and more importantly how did Jesus reshape this title? As we ask these questions we are reminded again of our own need of a savior and the radical call to follow him.

The Year of the Lord’s Favor


How is our person salvation in Jesus related to God’s desire for justice in the world? What does the church have to do with it? How can we live lives that are changed and continually changing to be more like Jesus and to be mindful of issues of oppression and poverty in our world? During February we will try to answer these questions in ways that help shape what New Hope will be doing in the world.

The Body of Christ: A Look at the Church at Work in the World

What does scripture mean when it talks about the church being the body of Christ in the world? How do we live this out in our lives individually and together? How does God empower people to live in this way? In this study, we seek to answer these questions and identify how claiming that Jesus is Lord calls us to live as a part of what he is doing in the world. We’ll also be looking at how God has equipped his church to work as a community of radically different people all striving toward being one in Jesus.