Blessed to be a Blessing

Throughout history, God has blessed his people in order that they will be a blessing to the world, and we have received no greater blessing than God’s presence with us made possible through Jesus. This is the hope that we have been entrusted with, and that we are called to offer those around us, that when God’s Spirit is present in a person they become a new creation, free from all their previous burdens and set free to experience the fullness of life found in Jesus.

So as we have been blessed, so we will be bless our neighbors. We seek to follow the example of Jesus and to be present with those around us who need to know God. We seek to build relationships with our neighbors, and to be a blessing in the lives of others in ways that help lift the burden of life in this world. The New Hope Community Groups serve their neighborhoods so that people will see our love and know that Jesus is Lord.

Partners in Ministry

The blessing of new life in Jesus not only calls us to love our neighbors, but to be people of reconciliation in our world who declare that Jesus is Lord. We also know we are not alone in this task, and so we seek to work with other churches and organizations who are bringing the reign of Jesus to light in the world. We currently work alongside of or support the following organizations and are always open to partnering with others in the work of loving our neighbors and offering the hope of Jesus to the world.

Camp Marengo

Vandalia-Butler Food Pantry

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Operation Christmas Child