Sunday Morning Follow-Up

Missionaries in the Neighborhood Week 1:
Sharing Kingdom Shaped Meals

This week we started our new series, Missionaries in the Neighborhood. As we focus on the start of New Hope Community Groups, and how these groups will enable us to be on mission together in our neighborhood. This series is meant to emphasize practical ways we can engage with God’s mission where we are in order to be faithful to our call to witness to God’s Kingdom in the world. Sunday we looked at the importance of eating with people as a means of practicing Jesus like love in the world.

Steps toward being a missionary in the neighborhood

If you’re like many people, thinking about being missionaries in the neighborhood changes your perspective on your place in the world, but we often wonder how to go about doing it. One of the things to consider is our tendency to think too big, so let’s start small. Let’s start with the regular, consistent choices to connect with people in our neighborhood. Can you identify a handful of houses on your street that God may be calling you to? Can your community group identify a neighborhood, or a group of people that you can begin to serve and spend time with? Once you’ve done that, it’s about stepping out and looking for chances to get to know those people.

That’s it.

No other agenda. It’s about fostering a loving curiosity to know the people around you. And as you begin to do that, you can look for opportunities to share meals with the people you are seeking to love.

This Week’s Challenge

So who are you sent to? Who does God want you to love and get to know? Who is one person, or family, that you can share a meal with this week?

If you missed this Sunday’s service, be sure to listen to the sermon audio on the website (here), and be sure to be here next Sunday as we talk about the importance of Learning from Jesus as we join him in his mission in our neighborhood.

Sunday Follow Up: On Kingdom Shaped Meals
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