07 The Implications of Our Tiny Gospels

The gospel is the big, good news announcement about what God is doing in the world through Jesus, and how we can experience it by the power of the Holy Spirit. But what happens when we leave out part of the gospel? What happens to our expression of faith, and our living out our lives?

During the service, we worked together to consider the answer to these questions. We used the following three images to help us think about what we lose when we neglect part of the gospel.

Version 1: Forgetting that Jesus Died and Rose Again, and that He is Lord


Version 2: Forgetting that God is Reconciling All Things in Jesus, and that Jesus is Lord


Version 3: Forgetting that God is Love, Loves Everything He’s made, and is Reconciling All Things to Himself in Jesus.


The Implications of Our Tiny Gospels
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