As we prepare for a new chapter in the story at New Hope Community Church we are spending time considering what God has called us to do, why we are here, and how we’re going to live faithfully given these answers. Due to last week’s technical difficulties we weren’t able to get the message recorded, but we talked about the mission of God’s church, and the purpose for New Hope Community Church to exist. From the New Testament, we see that God’s church exists to (1) make disciples, (2) witness to the fact that Jesus is Lord, and (3) be minsters of reconciliation in the world. As we seek to accomplish this mission, we asked ourselves why New Hope exists as a church in relationship to this mission. From it’s very beginning, New Hope has existed to offer people the hope of a new life and salvation found in Jesus, and to remove the barriers that keep people from Jesus.

For the last three weeks we have been identifying three main barriers that keep people from hearing about Jesus, and sharing how we will address these barriers in what we do as a church.

This week’s message focused on Barrier No. 3: The Image of an Ineffective God due to an unaffected church. 


Barrier No. 3 – An Ineffective God…

The What, Why, and How of New Hope: Week 4
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