Why We Gather to Worship

God is love, and not only that but he wants to share that love with his creation despite the fact that we consistently ignore him and go our own way in life. We trust that Jesus is the clearest picture of God we can see, and his death is the fullest expression of God’s love for us and for the world that we can ever know. In Jesus’ life, we have hope. In his death, we have forgiveness, in his resurrection we have new life, and by the Holy Spirit who he sent we can be transformed into a loving person who lives like Jesus.

What We Do When We Gather

To live as a people of faith we must immerse ourselves in God’s presence, and so we gather together regularly on Sunday mornings to worship God and to thank him for his love. Our gatherings aren’t about earning God’s love, but receiving it with grateful hearts, so we come as we are, inside and out (in other words, wear what you want to wear), thankful for the grace of God found in Jesus. They’re not about impressing one another either, so we don’t seek to put on a show, but instead to come together hand in hand acknowledging the fact that when we gather in Jesus’ name something beautiful happens.

We gather on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. to share in a time of prayer and to sings songs of praise and thanksgiving to God. We seek to be formed further in the likeness of Jesus as we gather in the presence of God through Biblical teaching, and sharing in the ancient Christian practice of communion every Sunday. Kids have the chance to experience their own time of prayer and learning through games and stories in Beacon Bay, and yet are welcome to participate in everything we do as a congregation as well.

We also believe that God doesn’t live in special buildings, but is found in every corner of the world, so we gather to pray and to hear from him in our community groups throughout the week. These groups are meant to extend to presence of Christ into the neighborhood, and to allow God’s Spirit to work in our midst through open relationships. By gathering together regularly, we can help one another walk more faithfully with Jesus, and spur one another along in love.